Hot melt adhesives prevail

Abifor's thermoplastic hot melt adhesives are used in a wide range of sectors and industries. They are suitable for countless materials such as textiles, plastics, foams, metals, non-woven materials and fibres. Our extensive know-how is particularly useful for customised adhesive solutions.


In the automotive sector, interior parts, acoustic elements, interior trim, decorative parts, boot linings, parcel shelves, headliners, carpet groups and engine compartment insulation are bonded. Even for complex challenges such as the bonding of steering wheels or aluminium foils, we offer functioning solutions.

Building supplier

Thermoplastic adhesive is used for the production of insulation and sealing fleeces, roofing membranes, painter's fleece, impact sound insulation, facade, insulation and insulating foils as well as geotextiles.


In the textile industry, thermoplastic hot melt is used for the production and processing of textile interlinings, home textiles, technical textiles, textile fibres and for transfer printing.

Non-woven materials

Hot melt adhesive is used for non-woven materials that are used for the automotive, hygiene or medical technology sectors, for upholstery in furniture and mattresses, as acoustic non-woven materials or as filters.


Hot melt adhesive is used to bond carpets for buildings, vehicles, trains, buses and aircraft.

Conveyor belts

In the conveyor belt sector, our products are used for powder coatings or extrusion coatings as well as for film lamination.

Shoes and leather

Hot melt adhesive is used to fix or bond shoe insoles, uppers, caps and heels as well as for fashion accessories.


The use of our products has also proven itself in many other sectors. On request, we offer toll grinding and contract blending as a service.

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