Flame-retardant roof insulation foil

The powder adhesive, produced by us, bonds multi-layered roof insulation foils. The adhesive is flame-retardant and UV-resistant.
Bonded materials: Non-woven material with a polypropylene membrane or an aluminised foil
Client: Construction supplier operating internationally
Sector: Construction industry
Medium: Powder
Polymer: Polyolefin with flame retardant
Project duration: approx. 3 years

The challenge

The client wanted a flame-retardant, UV-resistant adhesive that demonstrates high bond strength on fleece and the various foils (polypropylene or aluminised membrane).


The path to our solution

A specially developed powder mixture of various polyolefins, some modified, and a high level of flame retardant produced adhesive bonds with high bond strengths. We then carried out a long-term UV test and a fire test with the adhesive, which it passed.


The solution

The client sources the adhesive exclusively from Abifor, as the product is prescribed for all roofing membranes. As this adhesive bond is cheaper in comparison to the one previously used, the client was able to expand their business. The client now operates two coating systems.



The following application technique was used for this project:

– Laminating

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