Industrial adhesives for various applications

Our solutions are compelling. With different application techniques, we hold together what belongs together with our thermoplastic industrial adhesives. Depending on the material, a different bonding technique is used. Upon request, you can receive your adhesive solution with flame retardancy or cross-linking agents.

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Coating (lamination)

Through lamination, a wide variety of carrier materials (substrates) are coated with a thermoplastic adhesive. This adhesive solution is widely used in the automotive, textile, construction supply, conveyor belt, footwear and leather industries, as well as by manufacturers of non-woven materials.

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When bonding, two materials (substrates) are bonded together by a thin layer of adhesive. Especially in the automotive, textile, and construction supply industries, as well as manufacturers of carpets and non-woven materials, bonding is used as an adhesive solution.

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Thermoforming (pressing)

By pressing or thermoforming, sheets or films can be joined by creating a vacuum bond. This approach is suitable for the automotive, textile, shoe, leather and construction supply industries.

By the way: Abifor can equip almost all industrial adhesives with flame retardancy and cross-linking agents.


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Contract production

We also offer our know-how about plastic powders as a contract manufacturing service. We accept orders for toll grinding or contract blending. We deliver the finished plastic powders or powder mixtures according to customer requirements - in bags (20 kg) or big bags (500 kg, 700 kg, 1,000 kg). For large quantities, we also offer customised packaging solutions.

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