Address and tax data Head office

Abifor AG
Luegislandstr. 31
CH-8051 Zurich

Phone +41 44 325 25 95

Register: Commercial Register Office of the Canton of Zurich
Register no.: CHE-107.795.588
VAT no.: CHE-107.795.588 VAT (Value Added Tax Switzerland)

Address and tax data production site

Abifor AG
Untere Muehlewiesen 8
D-79793 Wutoeschingen
Phone +49 7746 96 49 100

Tax no.: 20001/10313 (Tax no. in Germany)
VAT ID No.: DE142827533 (Value Added Tax Germany)

Further information

ISO certification 9001/2015

DUNS number 48-046-2993

D&B Certificate

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