Redesign of the Abifor brand

Abifor AG has been undergoing a comprehensive reform and modernisation process for several years now. And one element of this can now be seen in the form of the newly designed corporate identity. In this video, Peter Hinder (CEO) and Markus Kohlhof (COO) explain the reasons behind the redesign and how Abifor is positioning itself for the future.
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Focusing on the future

The handover to a new management generation at Abifor AG in 2021 provided the impetus for several changes. The associated modernisation process has included investment in modern production facilities and process digitalisation. In keeping with the company’s future-oriented approach, its visual corporate identity has now also been redesigned – and the changes are clear to see.

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Positioning for the core business

We bond what belongs together – this isn't just a claim, it’s the motto behind everything we do. We use thermoplastic adhesive solutions to bond an extremely wide range of materials and carrier media. For us at Abifor AG, however, it is also of crucial importance to create positive bonds with our employees, partners and service providers.


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